Winter 2022

Our highest goal as members of City Counsel is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all Langdon Place residents. As elected officials, we are public servants, responsible for making decisions of policy and law, implemented by Langdon Place highly professional and elected counsel members. more.

Spring 2020

Communication, Transparency and Customer Service is a priority for me and our City Counsel in 2020. These important elements are instrumental in building trust in our community. We are all…read more.

Winter 2019

In January we came together to mark the 2019 to 2022 Term of Council. I remain humbled, grateful and energized to have received yet another strong vote of confidence to serve as Mayor and to lead…read more.

Fall 2019

The City of Langdon Place is making significant headway in fixing our infrastructure with repair and repaving of selected city sidewalks, ADA compliant crosswalks and street repaving. Our current …read more.

Fall 2018

It is a pleasure for me to extend personally, as well as on behalf of the City Council, a cordial welcome to the City of Langdon Place. We believe Langdon Place to be one of the finest Home Rule cities in Jefferson County. Langdon Place serves as a model of “green space”, with our tree canopy of over 425 trees lining our city streets. Langdon Place continues to be a safe city and beautiful city with our home values growing yearly. …read more.

August 2016

The City of Langdon Place is committed to maintaining the beautiful trees lining our streets. Unfortunately many of the Ash trees in the City have been attacked and destroyed by the emerald ash bore and EAB chemical treatment has failed or is no longer deemed beneficial for some trees. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the City of Langdon Place has contracted with Bob Ray Company to remove selected dead/dying trees on City easements during the first weeks in August. Trees at the following locations are being removed…read more.

March 2016

City Wide Yard Sale held Saturday, May 21, 2016 | Large Item Trash Day Pick-Up Friday, July 15, 2016 …read more.