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Welcome to the official web site of the City of Langdon Place, Kentucky. Information about the city government and its officers can be found here, as well as current events of interest to residents.

Notice of Public Hearing

You are invited to attend a review for a CHANGE IN ZONING from R-4 Single Family Residential to R-5A Multi Family Residential, with associated Detailed District Development Plan and Binding Elements. Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 1:00 pm click here for notice.


Click here for more details and the online meeting hosted through Louisville Metro Government.

Langdon Place Winners Yard for July-August 2020!

  • 1st Place Yard of the Month – 2804 Kosmar Court
  • 2nd Place Yard of the Month – 2603 Wareham Road
  • 3rd Place Yard of the Month – 2810 Kennersley Drive

Langdon Place Winners Yard for May-June 2020!

  • 1st Place Yard of the Month – 2807 Kosmar Court
  • 2nd Place Yard of the Month – 2805 Valhalla Court
  • 3rd Place Yard of the Month – 2604 Hyannis Place



Week of Monday December 7, 2020

Your leaves must be WITHIN 6FT. from the edge of the pavement, either in piles or in a row. Do not put leaves in the street. If your leaves are in the street, they will not be picked up.

  • NO CARS may be parked in the street the day of pickup.
  • ONLY LEAVES will be accepted – if any twigs, branches or other waste is mixed with leaves, nothing will be picked up. The vacuums are designed only for leaves to pass through.

Waste Management 2020 Pickup Dates

General News

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Langdon Place News

Click here to see the Spring 2020 Newsletter
Large Item Trash Day Pick-Up
Wednesday, May, 20, 2020
Wednesday, September, 23, 2020
For a detailed calendar, go to our Sanitation Page.
Waste Management has assembled a document outlining basic recycling rules. Please take a look – click here.

Waste Management Recycling Guidelines Summary – click here.

Waste Management Large/Bulk Item Guidelines – click here.