A Notice From Mayor Mike

The City of Langdon Place is a Home Rule city government and has incurred a vacancy with one of our city commissioners. If you are interested in serving the balance of the commissioner term, runs to December 31, 2024, please email your resume to Mayor, Mike Frank at [email protected] or contact me personally at 502-876-8700 to discuss further. Please have your info to me no later than April 14, 2023.

Mike Frank

E-Mail Mayor Frank

(502) 876-8700



Theresa O'Bryan

Theresa O’Bryan
City Clerk / Treasurer

E-Mail Theresa O’Bryan

cell (502) 426-3701



Scott Scinta

Scott Scinta
Council Member, Street Signs, Website, Welcoming Committee, Newsletter

E-Mail Scott Scinta

cell (502) 817-9111



Nathan Bellows

Nathan Bellows
Council Member, Snow Removal, Leaf Pickup, U.S. Army Veteran

E-Mail Nathan Bellows

(502) 214-0353



Yolanda Demaree

Yolanda Demaree
Council Member MSD, Louisville Water, Fire, Police and Safety

E-Mail Yolanda Demaree

cell (502) 797-8741



Charlie O'Bryan

Charlie O’Bryan
Council Member, Trees, Public Works, Streets & Sidewalks

E-Mail Charlie Obryan

cell (502) 744-3992



L. Stan Chauvin, III
City Attorney

E-Mail L. Stan Chauvin, III

cell (502) 619-0510