MARCH 11, 2019
Pre-application filed February 25, 2019

Projects to Reference:

  • 19ZONE1016 (Weissinger Rd & Langdon Drive Lots) & 19ZONE1017 (Weissinger Rd & Blossom Lane Lot)
  • Both are an update/replacement to previous rezoning proposal 16ZONE1088

ReZoning Request:

  • 19ZONE1016:Application to change zoning from R4 to R5B on .3 acres for 2 duplex units (4 units total) at Weissinger Rd & Langdon Drive (2813 & 2816 Weissinger Rd)
  • 19ZONE 1017: Application to change zoning from R4 to R5-A on .52 acres for 2-story 6-plex condo at Weissinger Rd & Blossom Lane

March 11, at 7:00 pm
Fellowship Hall in John Knox Presbyterian Church, 9104 Westport Road

  • Informational Meeting at which the developer and attorney will show proposed plans, answer questions and take feedback
  • Open to everyone, not just residents of Langdon Place
  • Residents of Districts 17, 19, 18, 7 and 16 may sign a petition requesting that the LD&T public hearing that is held as part of the process be held at 6 pm at a location in the district; petition sheets will be available at the meeting, as well as copies of the Zoning Process One Sheet.

Key Info For Residents:
Citizen user Guide:

Zoning Map Amendment Procedures – One Sheet Explanation of Process

January 9, 2017

Here is a link to a January 9, 2017 Courier Journal newspaper article about our Langdon Place rezoning issue.

January 4, 2017

On January 4 a neighborhood information meeting was held regarding the re-zoning pre-application filed by Brent Likins to re-zone 4 lots on Weissinger Road from R-4 to R-5A and R6.

Attached PDF 01 04 17 NM is the presentation Brent Likins and Nick Pregliasco gave to neighbors last night (January 4, 2017). There are a number of images showing surroundings from different directions, but the specific lots in question are on pages 2 – 4 in relation to the area, and specific plans are on pages 20 and 21. It appears that the only difference on the plans compared to what was shown at the June 2016 meeting is that the 8-plex on Weissinger and Blossom was updated as a 6-plex. 22 shows roughly what exteriors would look like on the multi-plex buildings, and 23 – 24 shows floor plans. None of the previously expressed concerns seem to have resulted in any changes to the initial plans.

You can call our Metro Councilman Glen Stuckel prior to the formal application filing at 502-574-1117 to express concerns regarding rezoning these lots from R4 to R-5A and R6.

Case Manager assigned is Julia Williams, 502-574-6942,

Concerns can be shared with her – preference is to send feedback via email so that they can be incorporated into the public record. Reference Project No 16ZONE1088 with Metro Planning & Design.

View and follow the process online at

To receive notifications of public meetings please access a form here:

You can also review the process for re-zoning application review. Pre-application was filed December 30. The first Neighbor Meeting with a smiley face is what occurred last night (January 4, 2017) – formal application has not been submitted, but when it is the LD&T Meeting (open to any and all public, not just Langdon Place residents) will follow on a 2nd or 4th Thursday of the month with 14-day notice given to 1st and 2nd tier adjoining property owners. Those 1st and 2nd tier residents will help post notices about that via, a private opt-in email list and coordinating with Langdon Place City Council to send out alerts. If there is anyone who is interested in helping with flier distribution or calling neighbors without email at that time, please see below re: becoming more involved.

If you are interested in being added to a private email list of Langdon Place residents for updates on this process, please email and let us know. You can always unsubscribe at any time and your contact information will not be shared externally or published.


June, 2016

Two parcels on Weissinger Road that have previously been empty/undeveloped lots were recently purchased. They are currently zoned R4 Single Family Homes, but the new owner has communicated to the Langdon Place City Commission his intentions to apply for rezoning these lots to R5 or R6 for high density housing. The lots are located on Weissinger Road, with one lot on the corner of Blossom Lane, and the other lots in a parcel on the corner of Langdon Drive.

Langdon Place Proposed Plats 1

Langdon Place Proposed Plats 2

Proposed Floor Plans

Draft plans shared with Langdon Place City Commission at the June, 2106 meeting included outlines for two 2-story 4-Plex Condo buildings in the Blossom Lane lot; one 2-story 4-Plex Condo building, one 2-story 6-Plex Condo building and one 1-story house in the lots at the corner of Wessinger Road and Langdon Drive. At the meeting owner of the parcels stated his intention to apply for rezoning, build these condos/house and sell them. When asked what he would do if they did not sell, he said he would rent them. Draft plans suggested all cars from these buildings would enter and exit through parking lot driveways onto Weissinger Road, which has previously been a quiet street with little cut through vehicle traffic. The owner of these lots indicated that he would keep in mind feedback provided as he works on updated drafts of his plans, but did not indicate he had changed his mind about applying for rezoning.

We encourage Langdon Place residents to attend any upcoming city council meetings and public meetings related to the potential rezoning and development of these lots. Langdon Place City Commission meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at John Knox Presbyterian Church. It is possible the owner will again attend upcoming meetings to share updated drafts of his plans. Langdon Place City Commission has a copy of the initial draft plans. As a reminder contact information for Langdon Place and our elected city council members is available here on the commissioners page.

City Commission and the owner advised residents at the June meeting that any public meetings to gather resident feedback would have a two week notice. Langdon Place will send out communication through their regular channels, but concerned residents will also post information on these meetings on as well as email/call those who supply their information. Any contact information will not be shared outside the group of volunteer residents who are spreading the word about the planned rezoning application and any public meetings related to this.

We firmly believe that adding any more high density housing within the heart of the neighborhood would change the character of Langdon Place and result in an adverse impact on traffic, light pollution and noise pollution.

Best Regards,
Concerned Langdon Place Residents